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Seeking Understanding

The special education experience and dyslexia diagnosis journey can be exciting, stressful, and daunting. I want to share what I have found to be helpful in my experience working with ...

How Can Parents Support Interventions at Home?

Frustration. Homework meltdowns. Exhaustion. Someone without a teaching or special education background can feel at a loss on how to best support their child’s progress and skill development at home

Five Ways Educators Can Build Rapport with Parents During Meetings

As a practicing speech-language pathologist in a high school, I realized the majority of times I called a parent, it was to get something from them–availability for a meeting, an ...

How Can Teachers Support Interventions in the Classroom?

One of the biggest challenges I see with interventions at school is successful generalization into the general education classroom. I can’t tell you how many times a student has perfected ...

Summer Activities to Support Development of Phonological Skills

Summer time is known for sunshine, fun activities, pool time, and longer days. Developing phonological processing skills doesn’t top the list for fun summer activities! However, there are countless
brain drawing lots confusion

Executive Function Difficulties in Adults with Dyslexia

If you’re an adult with dyslexia, it is likely that you have experienced executive function difficulty. When functioning properly, our executive function helps with self regulation and supporting ou
two young adults looking puzzled

Scatterbrained or Struggling?

Throughout my life, there have been countless times that the wrong conclusion was drawn when my dyslexia was its loudest. Being cut off, dismissed, walked away from, or given a ...
kids running

Balancing Academics and Life

Kids deserve time to be kids, run around with their friends in the sun, cannonball into pools, and enjoy a popsicle on a hot summer day. Summer is also a ...
VJ with boys

Some Wrong Turns to Get to the Right Place

Before and after we suspected dyslexia, my husband and I sought ways to support our sons’ learning. Although we are now in a good place, the early stages of the ...

Dyslexic Learners and Tutoring

Key Points for Dyslexia Learners The human brain isn’t hardwired for reading. While spoken language has been around for about 100,000 years and our brains have evolved to process language ...
mom working with daughter on school

Tutoring vs. Intervention

Getting your child a dyslexia diagnosis is a significant hurdle in your family’s journey. Securing appropriate services can seem like another steep hill to climb. A simple search on Google ...

We’re All Human

One of the best things we can do as members of special education teams (parents included) is to remember that we are all human. What we see from an outsider’s ...

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